Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station
Internship Program
Sponsored by Philip Morris USA

Purpose: The purpose of this internship program is to provide college undergraduate students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience working in an agricultural research environment at either the Highland Rim Research & Education Center (HRREC) located at Springfield or the Research & Education Center (REC) located at Greeneville , TN.

Job Description: The intern should expect to gain experience working with a variety of commodities including tobacco and other row crops, small fruits and vegetables, and beef cattle. Interns will work closely with professional research support staff members on specific research projects conducted at the REC.

Requirements: College level student enrolled in an academic program at a two or four-year institution. Students will be expected to work the normal working hours of the local REC during one or more of the following terms during the year:

Term 1: January April
Term 2: May August
Term 3: September December

Academic Credit: If the intern 's institution awards academic credit for an intern experience, and if the intern desires academic credit for the intern experience, the REC superintendent will work closely with the appropriate department within the intern's academic institution to accommodate requirements for academic credit.

Housing: Students will be expected to live at or in the vicinity of the REC to which they are assigned. Both the HRREC and the REC at Greeneville can provide no-rent housing on-site for at least one intern each term.

Application and Selection Information: Interested students at any college or university may apply by contacting the Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station Dean's office in Knoxville and/or the Superintendent at either the REC at Greeneville or the HRREC located at Springfield.

Robert L. Ellis,
Barry D. Sims,
Stephen Oliver,
Assistant Dean
Res. & Ed. Center at Greeneville
2255 East Allen Bridge Road
Greeneville , TN 38571
(423) 638-6532
Highland Rim
Res. & Ed. Center
3181 Experiment Station Rd.
Springfield , TN 37172
(615) 382-3130
Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station
103 Morgan Hall
Knoxville , TN 37996-7105
(865) 974-7105



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