Burley tobacco production and beef cow/calf production are the areas of research at the Research and Education Center at Greeneville. The center is most noted for its research on breeding and development of disease resistant burley tobacco varieties and breeding lines. Current tobacco studies are focused on disease control, yield, and quality of burley tobacco, as well as labor efficiency in burley tobacco production. Since 1951, 11 burley tobacco varieties have been released from the station. A new addition to the tobacco breeding program is the joint breeding program with the University of Kentucky. The animal research underway at the station is aimed at increasing the net return to Tennessee cow/calf producers through genetics and improvement in the reproductive ability of the Hereford female.

New Burley Tobacco Varieties Available for 2005 Production (This is a pdf file. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and read the file. Get the Reader free at Adobe.com)

Tobacco Info Online
  • Variety Release Information — Dr. Robert D. Miller's research at the University of Tennessee has resulted in the release of the following tobacco varieties:
    • TN 97 Burley Tobacco - Released in 1997
    • TN 90 Burley Tobacco - Released in 1990
    • TN 86 Burley Tobacco - Released in 1986
    • TN D950 Dark Fire-Cured Tobacco - Released in 1995
    • TN D94 Dark Fire-Cured Tobacco - Released in 1994
    • TN 485 Dark Fire-Cured Tobacco - Released in 1994
  • Poor Boy Seeder — This research document shows how to construct a Poor Boy Seeder.
  • No-Till Tobacco Work
  • Float Beds
  • UT's Vegetable Initiative — Launched in 1996, this multidisciplinary project aims to help tobacco farmers diversify their operations by expanding into fruit and vegetable production. Links: UT's Vegetable Initiative.